Do we really need a drama on ‘false harassment allegations’? Dunk drama divides social media

‘Dunk’ is a much talked about drama serial, currently airing on ARY Digital. The drama is produced by ‘Big Bang Entertainment.’ It has recently started to air, and people are already talking about it because of its storyline and cast.

Fahad Mustafa, the chairman of Big Bang Entertainment, is under a lot of criticism over his recent statement about the serial. According to him, the serial is a ‘tribute’ to the people who are falsely accused and blamed for sexual harassment. Fahad also added that 95% of cases of harassment are genuine, but there are cases of false allegations, and hence, he chose to show ‘all sides of the story.’

After this statement, Fahad is in hot waters as people think that he is only adding to society’s negativity through this serial. In a country like Pakistan, where women already feel hesitant to speak up about harassment, such dramas only add to the problem. Women will face more problems opening up about their experiences and think that no one will ‘trust’ them. It is already a challenge for girls to prove that they have been groped, touched inappropriately, and teased, and such stories force one to think that a woman is probably lying.

Here’s what the people have to say:

Other than Dunk, many other dramas have always shown the negative image of women by portraying them as gold-diggers and to be the reason why ‘men are misled.’

In Pakistan, justice is hardly served even to the rape victims. The authorities like victim-blaming and thinking that there is ‘another side to the story’ even in rape cases, as could be seen in the motorway incident. It is disturbing to see how instead of focusing on the commonly recurring issues like rape, child sexual assaults, and so much more, our drama industry is only concerned about such topics.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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