Dua Mangi is missing and so is our humanity

What was she wearing? This seems to be the number one question asked in our country. Whenever we hear of violence against women, this question is usually right next to it. 

This weekend, a young girl, Dua was kidnapped off the roads of Karachi. Her friend, Harris, was shot and is still in critical condition. 

It’s been 3 days now, but there’s no updates on where the girl is. 

Her family, trying to get any information, to maybe find a witness, posted on social media and tagged Dua, and asked anyone who could help in the matter to come forward. The internet can connect people from all over the world, there’s a huge possibility that someone saw something. 

The victim Dua Mangi.

But like always, we saw a flood of people who were SO offended by her collar bones in her profile picture that they deemed it justified that she’s been kidnapped. 


Why is it that women are worthless in our society. Where it’s asked who she was with or what she was wearing? As if she is a subject to violence by her own will? 

I’m not even going to mention what she was wearing in this post, because I shouldn’t have to. 

Every single day, there’s news about abuse women face in Pakistan, multiple a day. Children, babies, disabled and the dead – all can be targeted, what do most of these have in common? They’re usually female. 

Being born a female in Pakistan seems to be a curse. No matter what you wear, how young or old you are and terrifyingly, even if you’re dead. You are considered a free commodity. 

This way of thinking is disgusting.

Women are human beings, they get to wear whatever they want just as a man would, they can be whoever they want and be with whoever they want. Their consent matters. 

NOTHING justifies someone being taken from the streets. Not their clothes, not the time – nothing.  

She was outside because anyone as a citizen should be able to go outside. She’s done nothing wrong. The only ones wrong here are the perpetrators – and worse, the people who agree with the kidnapping and shooting. I have yet to see a post of someone trying to identify the car or write ANYTHING at all regarding the kidnappers. Suddenly everyone’s “inner Muslim” has woken up, some people went as far as to say that “if she were following the teachings of Islam she’d be safe” – the same Islam, applies to the people who took her and shot her friend. Where’s posts wondering about their Islam? Or does Islam not apply to men?

Here’s what some of our ‘halal’ keyboard warriors had to say in response to her kidnapping

It’s easy to be a troll on the internet. I don’t understand why so much of our public thinks it’s hilarious to comment vile things on posts like these. All of you have a special place in hell waiting for you. 

As kids we were all told ‘stay quiet if you have nothing nice to say’ it’s disappointing how many people forget that as they get older. If you have so much time on your hands that you become a troll on the internet, try to do something more productive in that time instead. 

My heart goes out to both the victims and their families. I really hope and pray that Dua comes home safe, and Haris makes a full recovery. 

  • Jiyaa says:

    This article is depicts what really goes on in our society. People should develop a sense of understanding. Instead of showing hilarious backlash. May this girl come home safe

  • ADIL says:

    Yehi duaa hai kay Duaa apne ghar wapis ajayen!
    Or jisne yeh sab kara hai..khuda na khasta kal ko uski bhen betiyo’n kay sath aesa na hou. Kyunke yeh mukafat e amal hai. Aaj tum kisi ki bhen kisi kay gharwalo’n kay sath krogay , kal ko tumhare ghar walo kay sath hogaa. OR Jou log badtameezi or galat baaten kar rahay hain woh Apni bhen betiyo pe rakh kr yeh sochna chiaye.
    Allah hidayat dey hamen
    Aur apne fazal o karam se duaa Ko jaldi baziyaab karwade.

  • Raheela Ashfaq says:

    Ghatiya soch rahe hamesha insan ki chahy kitna b padh lekh ly kahe na kahe ghatiya pan zaror dekhaengy wo kuch b pehny who the hell r u kisiny lekha h boy frnd chng karegi to es k sath esa he hona or tum logg khud gand sy bhahry hue ho dosero k liay bolna tumhari adat h han wo chng kar sakti wo dcsn ly sakti h uski zndgi h esy kae ladky hongy jinony apni gf ko doka deya h kya kabhe kisi ladki ny bewafae py ladky ko kidnap kiya no nvr ye ghatiya pan ghatiya harqat ladky he karty h Allah pak dua ko apny aman may rakhy ameen

  • Fatimah Riaz says:

    My heart is sinking .. My prayers are with you people..

  • Nabeel Khan says:

    Great step to learn these crap monsters

  • soomkhan says:

    coments krne walu ko b shram nhi aa rhi k wo keh kya rhy hn..intahai ghatya soch k lag rhy hn …

  • Dr faisal khan says:

    We are with dua mangi.may Allah bless him.

  • Raja Muhammad Mujtaba Raza says:

    Please accept my condolence on this raged behaviour of our society and their slaughtered mind set. I pray and will always that she get back to her parents without a scratch. We dont think even for once that for the woman which we are speaking hilarious about would be our mother sister wife daughter or daughter in law. When we will think like it our mind set will change automatically. I pray for my sister and daughter DUA MANGI that she reach back to her parents safely with the blessings of ALLAH (SWT). AMEEN

  • Zohra Rajpar says:

    This is what we have become , we are going back to the times when our Holy Prophet(p.b.u.h) was born and those people used to bury their daughters alive .
    We are far worse than them !! As we verbally abuse , kidnap , beat , bully , rape or disrespect , Or comment on other females live or on social media . Being Muslims and Pakistanis we are worried about other person at hell or heaven but not worried if our single word or act can lead us to one of these too .May Allah help the girl and May Allah help the family to recover her safely , Ameen

  • Mahsheed says:

    I think all these boys men putting up vile do me ya need to be reported to their work place and schools … what Vicious minds these evil men have .

  • Ms khan says:

    I hope she can be found asap. To the men and boys whose commenting with low-life comments, are the evil disgusting humans on earth! They are f rapist and rapist mindset- who don’t have any integrity or education or any respect for human. And yet, they all want to marry girls from western. No wonder most paki men, has distroyed their pakistani image and respect abroad.

  • Leennyy says:

    Yaa Allah help us?? anD protect us from these monsters ?? #Duaa we r with you ? #justiceforDua?

  • Aroj says:

    I hope she will come home soon. InshAllah❤️ I will pray for her. And for those who are saying all this bad comments. Shame on u guys. This is not funny. And whatever she wear does not tell us tht she is carecterless. Waise bhi ab kaal to log burkhe wLi larkion par buri nazar dalte he. Dont say wht she was wearing, controll ur eyes? Ap khut koi ache nehi he jab apki gandi nazar ho. I hope Dua will come bck home

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