Digital portal ‘’ launched to help provide visibility to female lawyers

As more and more women continue to step into, what were previously regarded as ‘male-dominated careers, initiatives are being taken to ensure that their voices are heard. To connect, celebrate and amplify the voices of women in law, a digital portal named ‘’ has been launched in the country.

According to reports, the portal is a part of the ‘Increasing Women’s Representation in Law’ project by the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice, Group Development Pakistan and Women in Law Initiative.

The Australian High Commission also supports the project, along with the British High Commission in Pakistan. As a part of the project, Pakistan’s first-ever women in law awards will also be held, alongside a symposium on inclusion and diversity.

The online platform is a one-stop that will provide facilities, like an Information Desk. It will allow female lawyers to form networks and connect with others. The platform also has female practitioner’s directory, interviews, resources, updates, discussion forum and the historic contribution women have made to the legal field.

You can also access the portal through a mobile phone application. In addition to this, the project has launched a baseline study on the status of women’s representation in law as well. It comprises of four categories, like bar council members, prosecutors, advocates and judiciary.

Founder of Women in Law Initiative and the lead consultant for the project, Nida Usman Chaudhary, said that their goal was to create a platform that will give female lawyers visibility, and provide resources that would make it easy to tackle common challenges.

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