Citizens of Islamabad advised to wear masks due to rising air pollution

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Yes! You heard that right. The quality of air that we are breathing is deteriorating day by day and who is to blame? Us! The ratio of harmful toxins in the air is increasing due to the rise in vehicular emissions. The air we breathe directly affects our health.

If there are any toxins or pollutants present in the air, they will have adverse effects on our bodies.

Recently we witnessed the worst case of smog in Lahore. The toxicity level was way above the normal range. Consequently there were so many reported cases of health complications. The level of pollutants in the air was so high, you couldn’t even see clearly. Imagine breathing this air into your body. It is bound to make anyone sick.

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According to the air quality report done by the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency, the ratio of harmful pollutants in the air is way beyond the normal range. This is why the citizens of Islamabad are advised to wear face masks to avoid breathing in these toxins.

People using bikes are more vulnerable so they should also use goggles to protect their eyes from dust and pollutants.

Vehicular emissions along with the dry weather are making a lethal combination especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Right now the situation is not very alarming but we should take necessary precautions to avoid any complications.

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People who have allergy issues must take extra care as they can get seriously ill. Same goes for those who have different breathing issues such as asthma. Please invest in some good face masks and make sure you use them properly.

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We are not alone in facing this issue. Many cities around the world are dealing with the same crisis of air pollution. The quality of air is being compromised and the level of toxins is increasing due to the increase in vehicular emissions.

Clean and fresh air is a basic necessity. This is no way to live. We need to work out an effective solution so that we can overcome this serious issue.

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