Case registered against husband for poisoning third wife with the help of other two wives

Case registered against husband for poisoning third wife

In Rawalpindi, a case has been registered against a husband, along with his two other wives, for beating and poisoning his third wife to death.

The accused tried to hide the dead body but were unable to do so due to the locals.

The case

The brother of the victim, Manzoor Hussain, reported to the Police that his deceased sister, Asma Shaheen married Sajid Mehmood six months prior.

Asma was divorced and she also had a 10-year-old daughter. This was her second marriage, and it was Sajid’s third.

A man named Qaiser called the victim’s brother to tell him that his sister had passed away. Her family then reached her house. The family saw wounds all over her body when she was given her last bath. After her death, the family became aware of the torture her husband inflicted upon her.

The police reported that the deceased was foaming from her mouth. This suggested that something poisonous was given to her. The officials have registered a case against the husband and the two wives.

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