WATCH | Dear Bulbulay, feminism does not mean hating men

Feminism is a highly misunderstood concept in Pakistan. It was a movement initiated to stand against the everyday gender-based inequalities and injustices that take place in society. However, it is considered something ‘evil‘ in Pakistan’s male-dominant community, where it is said to be an ‘agenda’ against men.

Bulbulay’s episode – mishandling a sensitive topic

We recently came across a very problematic episode of the famous drama serial Bulbulay. It is disturbing to see how our media, which has a huge responsibility, is mishandling the concept of Feminism. Bulbulay’s season 2, Episode 40, is full of content that throws shade on ‘Aurat March’ and feminists. In Pakistan, Aurat March is already opposed by many, and creating such distasteful content will only add to the issue. The march was an umbrella event under which many people, including members of the intersex community (trans community), stood up for their rights.

The episode basically portrayed that the movement’s basic manifesto is to hate on men and that women ‘should not get married’. It also showed that feminists want ‘men’ to do all the chores and work. The concept of ‘equality’ for both genders was taken in a completely wrong and opposite direction. The episode showed a woman who runs her own NGO and stands for women’s rights, telling every other lady to demand a divorce from their husbands or not to get married.

Placards from the Aurat march such as ‘apna khana khud garam karo’, which basically targeted a very serious issue were taken in a humorous and misleading way. The episode ended in an even more disgusting tone in which the same woman fell in love with Mehmood Sahab and started serving him and doing his chores.

In a country where men murder their wives because the food wasn’t hot enough or over the issue of dowry, where numerous don’t want daughters and think they are an additional burden, where fathers fear the fate of their daughters and where young girls are unsafe, creating such episodes and contents especially by media channels that are watched by masses is utterly irresponsible and inappropriate. Ayesha Omar, who plays the role of Khoobsurat in the serial, is herself a massive advocate of women’s rights, and seeing how she agreed to do such a script is even more disappointing.

Here’s the problematic episode. See it for yourself:

It’s about time that our media stops handling such sensitive issues in such disgraceful ways. Media channels need to realize that they influence many, and they need to take some responsibility; otherwise, such episodes will only add ‘fire to the fuel’ and make the situation worsen in the country.

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