“Boi’s locker Room” chat goes viral – We’re disgusted

Rape culture runs deep in India and Pakistan. Women are objectified and assaulted every day. It doesn’t matter if the woman is alive, dead, disabled or even a baby. Often, we are told that the rapists are all in rural areas. Lack of education is blamed but sometimes, things happen that expose the truth. Potential rapists are everywhere.

Screenshots from Instagram and Snapchat groups called “Boislockerroom” went viral on social media. These screenshots had conversations from boys aged 15 and 16. 100s of these young boys were explicitly discussing and slut-shaming girls. They’d even share morphed photos of them – many of them minors as well.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there were several messages threatening rape and gangrape. These are educated “rich” boys from a reputable school in Dehli. These boys already know that this isn’t okay but they go about talking like this anyway. They aren’t scared because they know that “it’s okay” “boys talk like this” “humara koi kuch nahin bigar sakta”

“We can rape her easily” and “I will come whenever you say. We will gang rape her”

After the screenshots went viral, twitter exploded. The hashtag #boislockerroom was trending and people everywhere starting talking about how insane this whole situation is

The Dehli Commission for Women issued a notice to Instagram and Dehli Police following the incident.

An investigation went underway after this notice was issued and a 15-year-old boy was identified and arrested. Later, more boys were being identified haven’t been arrested as yet.

This is crazy to think about. Where were most of us at 15-years-old? We were probably just playing FarmVille, trying to keep our plants alive. Can you imaging thinking like this at 15? Or ever?

This is an issue that’s deep-rooted in our society. India and Pakistan alike. There needs to be a change. Young children need to understand that this is not okay. They need to be given education about consent to ensure that they don’t violate anyone’s consent in their lives.

The culture of objectifying women needs to disappear. Even if it’s not outright rape threats. Any comments that objectify or slut-shame women gives way for things to escalate.

Everyone needs to come together and make sure we educate our children to know right from wrong. “Locker room talk” and “Guys banter” based on talking about women this way needs to become a thing of the past.

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