Best news on the internet: Father and daughter get their Ph.D. on the same day

A Father-daughter duo has been taking over social media recently. The two secured their Ph.D. degree on the same day.

A father and daughter duo has been making headlines after the two got their Ph.D. degrees on the same day. Father, Dr. Masood Khan, and daughter, Dr. Nadia Khan graduated from the University of Engineering Technology (UET), Peshawar.

Masood got a degree in Mechatronics while Nadia achieved a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering. Revealing the details, Dr. Masood told that he couldn’t get his degree due to some domestic responsibilities.

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Talking to a reputed media outlet, Dr. Nadia Khan said that it is a proud moment for her to be standing with her father to receive a Ph.D. degree on the very same day. She also told how firmly her family had supported her throughout the journey as she was working in National Standard Artificial Intelligence at the University.

Both the father and daughter got admission together in 2017 after passing an entry test.

Dr. Nadia also received the Common Wealth scholarship during her degree. This opened the door of opportunities for her and she got the opportunity to do her research work from England. It took her about 1.5 years to complete the research.

Dr. Masood Khan also expressed how happy and proud he was. He said that it was the first time ever that a daughter and father got a Ph.D. degree together. Revealing his journey, he said that it was enjoyable. Masood also said that the two kept motivating each other through the path. Khan stated that he is proud of his daughter for doing Engineering.

‘I hope it inspires other people as well,’ he added. He also emphasized the importance of education for both men and women.

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