India: Bar singer raped as ‘revenge’ for filing a harassment complaint

India: Bar singer raped as 'revenge' for filing a harassment complaint

To take revenge on a bar singer for filing a complaint against him, a man allegedly kidnapped and raped the victim.

In India, a man was booked by the police for kidnapping and raping a 25-year-old singer. The singer worked at a bar in Panvel. The culprit was her friend but the two had a fight, after which the woman filed a harassment complaint against him.

The case

To take his revenge, he kidnapped the woman when she was returning home from work in a taxi. He then forcefully took her to his car and drove her to a lodge. There, the criminal forced himself on her. The singer said that he threatened her so she won’t go to the police for help.

The police are of the view that the man was trying to take revenge for the harassment complaint filed against him. The survivor was hesitant to approach the police, but eventually mustered up the courage to report the incident.

The law enforcement agency is on the hunt for the culprit and is looking to arrest him as soon as possible.

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