Government to modulate social media applications in an attempt to reduce harassment incidents

To avoid events like the Minar-e-Pakistan incident from happening, the federal cabinet has agreed to form a committee. The committee will help the government impose regulations on social media apps.

Talking to media outlets after the cabinet meeting, Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister, Fawad Chaudhry, told that the cabinet has decided to have constructive debates on such incidents. The committee will have people from different schools of thoughts.

Other than this, religious scholars, representatives from civil societies and intellectuals will be a part of the committee. Numerous aspects of social media applications will be discussed and the future course of action will be decided.

The minister further told that Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about the previous incidents of harassment and expressed deep concern over them.

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  • Sunbal saleem says:

    In our childhood, When dish TV started to operate in pkaistan,it has a separate remote through which some channels can be locked, so that children while watching & searching t.v channels could not get access to such channels that are beyond their ,,there must be such a remote for social media also so that all children get access only to moal & ethical applications.

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