Around 70% to 90% of women are subject to domestic violence in Pakistan

Around 70% to 90% of women are subject to domestic violence in Pakistan

Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) has revealed that around 70% to 90% of Pakistani women are subject to domestic violence. This is not always physical, and can also be mental and emotional abuse.

In almost all of the cases, the culprit is the husband, but leaving an abusive marriage and living independently is one of the most intimidating processes for women. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the province with the highest number of family court cases in the country, including petitions for Khula.

According to a report of district Judiciary KP for January to December of 2021, it was revealed that 21,572 family cases were registered, out of which 17,285 are still pending.

Domestic violence laws

Prior to this, a law practitioner highlighted the need to implement domestic abuse, sexual and child abuse laws, during a conference at PAC.

AIG Memon said that gender-based violence has become a ‘norm’ in society, and Sindh Police have to deal with such cases on a regular basis. Special laws have been put together against domestic violence in the province of Sindh, but whether or not they will be enforced remains to be seen. There are multiple problems still that women face while registering complaints, and even if it is registered, there are flaws in the investigation.

It is fundamental that proper investigation is carried out in such cases, as police are not immediately present. There is also a need for awareness campaigns to empower women, give them courage and enlighten them about their rights. If a woman stands up for herself, she is threatened by her family or others around her. There is no proper platform to talk, which is a necessity in terms of violence against women.

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