Actress Anushay Ashraf and Nomi Ansari figured out the perfect way to help people during the coronavirus pandemic!

Since the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus has hit Pakistan we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of people infected. As the numbers double each day, the Government is urging people to stay home and practice social distancing.

Many offices have their employees working from home over the internet, people are isolating in their own homes in order to try to flatten the curve.

While a lot of us have the luxury of staying at home during this time, the bulk of our population doesn’t. We have daily wage workers that work in peoples homes, in construction or even the ones that have stalls in markets. These people get hit the worst in times like these.

The daily wage workers usually earn whatever they can during the day and take the money home to be able to feed their families at night. They don’t earn for luxury, they earn for survival.

With most of the cities slowly moving away from regular functioning and shutting down, these people literally end up without food that very day.

Pakistani Designer Nomi Ansari took to social media to ask if anyone knows of daily wage workers that can’t work right now because of the coronavirus, and that he’ll be making ration bags for families up to 6 people each.

Soon after he sent another update breaking down the ration bags expenditure, for anyone who wants to help but can’t do this themselves he teamed up with Anoushey Ashraf and together they started collecting donations and making as many bags as they can.

One bag costs 2160/- Pakistani Rupees.

This makes you think, forgoing eating out for 1 or 2 days costs an entire family’s basic grocery needs. Almost everyone we know has someone working for them on daily wages. In times like these it’s very important to not forget about them, make sure to pay them their wages even if you don’t want them coming in to work, educate them about the virus and how to take care of themselves and if you can, you can take the breakdown above and make your own ration bag to give one or two families that can’t feed themselves at this time.

We have to band together to help each other, this initiative could save numerous families from extreme hunger while we fight the coronavirus.

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