Anti-rape Ordinance 2020: What are the salient features and what does it exactly say?

President Dr. Arif Alvi has recently approved the Anti-rapeOrdinance 2020 after a rape case of a woman and her minor daughter from Sindh’s Kashmore district initiated protests all across the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that the government would address all loopholes by bringing a strict and holistic ‘anti-rape’ ordinance. The ordinance ensures speedy trials and quick justice for the victim, along with the chemical castration of those responsible for such crimes.

The President House released a statement in which it was mentioned that special courts would be established throughout the country that would specifically work on ensuring quick justice for sexual assault victims. The statement further added that the courts would be given a time period of a maximum of 4 months to conclude the cases.

Following the ordinance, sexual offenders will be registered with the National Database and Registration Authority throughout the country. Moreover, revealing the identities of the sufferers would be considered a serious offense that will be punishable.

The ordinance also mentioned penalties and punishments to police officers and government officials who will show carelessness in investigating cases. Such individuals will be imprisoned for 3 years, and fines will be imposed on them. Other than this, a fund will also be set up by the PM money, which will be used to establish the courts.

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  • Syed Imran Hussain says:

    This is the greatest initiative by Govt and we need to protects for Girl’s in our society and also emplement of this law of Anti Rape ….

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