Another case of child abuse: 12-year-old boy raped and tortured after getting abducted from a wedding

In Mastung, Balochistan, another distressing news of child abuse has come forward. A boy, aged 12 years old, was raped and tortured after getting abducted from a wedding.

The young boy was rescued by the law enforcement agency Levies, but the men who kidnapped him still remain unidentified. The family has filed a case in a nearby police station. According to AC Farida Tarin, the child was unconscious when he was found, and a suspect was also arrested from the scene.

During the initial investigation, the culprit confessed to torturing and raping the teenage boy, along with other suspects. The AC confirmed that raids are being carried out to arrest all the criminals who were involved.

Child Abuse in Pakistan

Back in 2021, a report was published that showed the distressingly increasing rate of child abuse in the country. The data showed that in 2020, approximately, 2,960 children were made victims of abuse. Out of these, 1,510 were girls and 1,450 were boys.

It was also reported that in the country, as many as eight kids are abused every day, these include gang sodomy, abductions, and cases of children who are murdered after being sexually assaulted. That is not all, in 50% of the cases, the culprit is someone the victim knows and would consider to be ‘trustworthy.’

Punjab province recorded the highest number of cases (1,707), Sindh ranked second (861), and KP third (215). There was noted to be a 4% increase in reported cases in 2020 as compared to 2019. These are reported cases, there are thousands that also go unreported. Similarly, from 2019 to 2022, the number may also have increased drastically as well.

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