BREAKING: All-women market to be set up in Islamabad by 30th October!

All-women market to be set up in Islamabad!

An all-women market is ready to be set up in Islamabad. Announced by the Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the market will be special and the first of its kind.

It will be set up in the capital of the country by 30t October 2021. The minister made the announcement while addressing the Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI). This was the 12th Annual General Meeting for the year 2021-2022.

The market

During the address, the minister asked the women to step at the forefront and play their part in all fields of life. Rasheed added that it was essential to include women in all fields to help the development of the country.

He said that two women universities have been set up in Rawalpindi, and a third one was also in process.

He further said that the daughter of a ‘Rickshaw’ driver had landed the top position in competitive exams. This was due to his efforts of establishing women colleges in Rawalpindi.

After the interior minister met with a delegation from IWCCI, he made the decision of setting up a market for women. He acknowledged the significance of female inclusion in economic activity.

Founder President of IWCCI, Samina Fazil praised the minister for his efforts in empowering women.

Women empowerment

Sheikh Rasheed said that every person should have access to water, sanitation education, and health. This is highly important for ending poverty and hunger.

Female representation in public and private sector organizations will improve performance. Pay gaps, discrimination, and lack of job security are some of the barriers to women’s empowerment.

Samina Fazil said that the pandemic has enhanced the already existing gender gaps in our society. Most of the women in the country work in the ‘non-formal’ sector, where they work for long hours for minimum wage.

She said that evidence shows that societies that discriminate on the basis of gender increase rates of poverty and hinder growth.

The all-women market will help create job opportunities for women, and also create a safe space for women to shop in.

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