Actress Mariyam Nafees on online harassment “Actress hoon, prostitute nahin”

We know Mariyam Nafees from her appearances in lots of different TV dramas, from Ishq-e-Benaam to Dil-e-Berehem she’s been seen in various characters.

March 2020 has been a particularly difficult time for Pakistani women in general, not to mention the heat on social media. Women have had to defend the AuratMarch and just being a woman on social media is like you’re fair game for anyone to say anything to you without any boundaries.

Pakistani Actresses face this too. Here, traditionally actresses weren’t even respected. It’s always been treated like they’re “selling their bodies” or compared to straight-up prostitution. Male Actors don’t usually receive the same judgement, for them it’s just another career choice while the women in the field are still treated like they’re involved in something grossly immoral.

We see it every day, all it takes is one glimpse of an actress’s shoulder and her social media blows up to the extent that she turns off her comments. Every time. Every actress.

Mariyam Nafees shared an image to her Instagram, it was a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation.

The man initiating the conversation says “Hi” “How u doing” as if he already knows her. She replied with “Hello, Who’s this?” As one would when you don’t have a number saved.

The man here introduces himself as “Danish Malik from Lahore”. Unaware of any Danish Malik from Lahore she asks “Do I know you?”

That’s when things go from creepy to disgusting. He says “No u don’t” adding that he doesn’t know her either apart from the fact that she’s an actress he’s seen on TV.

What he says next takes this conversation from creepy to disgusting “Just wanted to have a couple of hours with u. If u can provide me your manager’s contact so I can speak to him/her. And set the amount n place or country etc”

“Like I’m ready to pay like 2.5 or 3 lacs”

First of all, his grammar should be considered a crime itself. Secondly, how disgusting is this person? How can you go find someone’s phone number and text them something like this?

Mariyam called him out and posted this screenshot with a caption saying

“Actress hu, prostitute nahi. 
I’m sick of these proposals and I’ve tried whatever I could to make them stop but this is what I’m going to do now. It affects my mental health, it disturbs me that some people think this is what my business is. 

The fact that she had had it at this point and actually decided to post this is huge. It doesn’t just happen. I can’t imagine how many messages like this she had to receive before this.

Why? Because she’s a female public figure? Does that make her free reign for anyone to harass like this? No it doesn’t

People like “Danish from Lahore” need to get an actual life and step away from being an internet troll and do something better with their time.

Trolling like this is harassment. If you are thinking about doing anything similar should know that you can be reported to cybercrime and can face jail time and heavy fines.

That “2.5 or 3 lac” you have kept aside to “spend a couple of hours” could end up being your jail fines.

Your actions have consequences. Whether it’s online shaming via being exposed for what you did or actual reports being filed against you and you going to jail for it.

Your online persona is not a separate entity. It’s still you. So use your words carefully.

No one should have to be on the receiving end of anything like this. It’s about time we started exposing people like him. This behaviour is not okay and I’m really glad that Mariyam Nafees posted this picture and started this conversation.

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