Activist Hani Baloch loses her life after participating in the students’ protest against PMC

Activist Hani Baloch loses her life

Student and protestor, Hani Baloch has lost her life. This happened a day after she came home after protesting against Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

Medical students across the country have been protesting for their right. They are raising voice against the unfair conduction of the MDCAT. To disperse the students, the Quetta police lathi-charged and also used tear gas shelling.

Hani Baloch was also a part of these protests. According to some users, she was ‘injured’ due to these measures by the law enforcement agency. Her death has led to a series of accusations against the police.

Her family has linked her death to ‘natural causes’. A spokesperson for the Balochistan Police has said that Hani’s death was not linked to the actions of the police. In fact, she came home before the Police used tear gas on the students.

Her cousin, Aurangzeb Baloch, also confirmed that she passed away, not due to the use of excessive force, but because of natural causes.

Who was Hani Baloch?

She was a student of English Literature at the Bahadur Khan Women University, and an active BSO member. She believed in raising her voice for the right.

Baloch took part in the students’ protest against the medical college entry tests. She was at the forefront of many protests and was a firm believer in standing up for what’s right.

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