Aagah | Anti-harassment app that lets you map ‘safe areas’ and ‘danger zones’ in Pakistan

Street harassment is a persistent issue in Pakistan, and it is something almost every woman has experienced at least once in their life.

Walking through the streets of their city, women are constantly looking behind their shoulders to check if someone is following them, or they keep a distance from rushy areas because some random guy might end up inappropriately touching them. Catcalling and awkward staring by unfamiliar men is also something women experience everytime they go out.

Although Pakistan still has a LONG way to go before ending this culture of street harassment, this team of individuals has come up with an app called ‘Aagah‘ to help in the process. Aagah is an application that works on artificial intelligence. It requires individuals to report the areas where they faced street harassment, so others using the application can check the map and be aware of these areas.

In an interview with Mashion.pk, the team behind the application answered some questions and revealed more about their initiative.

Aagah – An application that’ll help fight street harassment

Aagah is an effort to offer a solution to a problem that has existed in our country for a really long time. The objective of this application is to radically reduce the problem of street harassment in Pakistan.

Its aim is to use data to publicly offer maps of cities and disclose the results of the research to make everyone aware that this problem exists, and is deeply rooted in our society.

When asked about how this research-based solution will help to fight this issue, the team said that because of AI (artificial intelligence), once the data gathered is adequate enough, you can actually predict where harassment will take place the other day.

The team added that even if only 3% of women regularly report, it will make the application model powerful and really effective.

Aagah will also ensure anonymity in reporting. No identifiable questions are asked and the users aren’t told to reveal their identity in any way. The data is stored on a secure cloud database and is not shared with third parties.

To support this thoughtful initiative, women and girls across Pakistan need to play their part as well, and share their cases of street harassment on the online portal.

Doesn’t matter how big or small the case is, every single incident is important. Another thing is to share this application with your friends, family and others around you.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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