4 indoor plants you need to keep & why!

Don’t you just love the sight of plants and flowers? If you are a nature lover, greenery will also have a special place inside your house. Indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing and also boast numerous health benefits. Along with giving your house a warm feel, they act as natural purifiers that eliminate toxins from the air.

What else would you want?

Indoor plants are widely used in household décor themes and are popular because they are easy to maintain.

Along with lifting up a room’s ambiance, these gifts of Mother Nature instantly give you an energy boost. Each plant has a different quality and needs a specific amount of love and care. While choosing which plant to place in your house, make sure you check if it’s toxic or not. This is especially important if you have kids or pets at home.

There are literally so many plants you can choose from, each with its own unique personality. Following are some of the must-have plant buddies you should consider:

  1. Bamboo Palm:

    This plant is extremely special. Any wonder why? This baby made it to the NASA list of air-cleaning plants meaning this plant along with looking amazing also purifies the air in its surroundings. While caring for it, make sure it’s well watered. This plant thrives either in direct sunlight or in a shade.
  2. Aloe plant:

    Now, this is a plant that everyone is familiar with owing to its magical healing gel (aloe Vera). The aloe plant needs a good amount of sunlight to grow and thrive. The best place for it would be a room that is the sunniest of all. Aloe Vera gel is used to heal burns and soothe sensitive skin. Along with this, the aloe plant also works as an air purifier. When the toxic chemicals in the air increase, you will notice brown spots on its leaves.
  3. Snake plant:

    If you are looking for a plant that looks good, purifies the air and requires the least amount of care, well the snake plant tops the list. These plants don’t require a lot of sunlight or water which makes them a favorite among many people. What makes this plant unique? It continues to absorb carbon dioxide at night and releases oxygen into the air making it an absolute must-have in your room.
  4. Pothos plant:

    The pothos plant is extremely easy to care for and works great for people who tend to forget watering their plants. It grows into long vines giving your room a gorgeous look. Although this plant loves the sun, it can even thrive in areas that don’t get too much sunlight. It is a top favorite due to its ability to purify the air of chemicals. The pothos plant looks great in offices.
Image result for golden pothos plant care
pothos plant growing into a gorgeous vine

So, if you’re planning on redecorating your house, do select a special place for indoor plants. Along with giving your house a wonderful look, they will help with your mental health as well.

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