21-year-old with no pre-existing health issues dies from the coronavirus

The coronavirus covid-19 has already spread all over the world. Countries are starting to go into lockdown to protect as many people as they can from the deadly virus.

In the past few weeks, people under the age of 30 have been hearing that “it’s really only fatal to old people or babies – we’ll be fine!”

Turns out, that’s not the case.

21-year-old Chloe Middleton from Buckinghamshire died after contracting the coronavirus.

Her mother Diane Middleton urges young people to “Please think again”

She asks people to please take the threat of the virus very seriously because you could be totally fine one day and in the hospital the next – even if you’re young and have no pre-existing health conditions.

She goes on to say “Do your bit, protect yourselves and protect others. This virus isn’t spreading, people are spreading the virus”

In just a couple of weeks, Pakistan has already confirmed over 1000 coronavirus patients. The number is still lower than most countries but we also have very limited testing kits, which makes the possible unreported numbers much higher than this.

It is essential to take precaution and do your part. Even if you end up contracting but surviving the virus, you can potentially be responsible for infecting thousands of others being infected and possibly dying from it.

It’s time we wake up. We ALL need to stay away from the virus. Not only the old or the infants – everyone. Practice the guidelines given by the WHO and do your part in keeping the coronavirus at bay and help flatten the curve. We need to, there’s no other choice.

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