Mentally handicapped 18-year-old told to give birth in order to prove she was raped

Mentally handicapped 18-year-old told to give birth in order to prove she was raped

There is no denying that rape cases in the country are on a rise. Every now and then, a new case comes along that shakes even the most hardened of us. A similar story is that of an 18-year-old, who was raped.

A mentally handicapped 18 years old girl discovered she was pregnant. It all began when she was brought to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre’s Emergency room with the problem that she is experiencing severe abdominal pain.

The case

The doctor performed an ultrasound on her to get to the root of the issue. The result of the ultrasound and examination showed she was five months pregnant!

This took her family members by a surprise, as they were unsure about how she could get pregnant as she was unmarried. As more and more became known about the situation at hand, it was revealed that Muhammad Mukhtar, her neighbor, had raped her five months back.

The victim is a resident of a colony near JPMC. In her statement, she said the rape case happened when her family had gone to her relative’s funeral. Mukhtar called her to his house and raped her there. She added that he slapped her and dragged her into a room, sexually assaulting her at gunpoint.

The family then filed an FIR at the South Woman Police Station. The survivor was then taken to JPMC for an examination, where a woman medico-legal officer said that it was tough to ‘examine’ sexual assault after a time of five months.

Medical of the victim

On the other hand, SSP Investigation-I, Dr. Farrukh Raza told a news source that it was difficult to investigate an incident that occurred five months ago. He said that the only option left for her was to give birth. A prenatal DNA test can be done seven to ten weeks into the pregnancy.

JPMC Additional Police Surgeon, Dr. Sumaiyya Tariq Syed said that she was trying to get a DNA sample of the baby.

The accused, Muhammad Mukhtar is a policeman, who was on security duty for District Central’s SSP. After the victim’s statement, a large number of people gathered outside Karachi Police Office to protest and demanded the arrest of the criminal.

Soon after that, Mukhtar appeared before the District South SSP Investigation-I and surrendered.

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