18-year-old son stabs mother for ‘talking to men’ on mobile phone

18-year-old son stabs mother for 'talking to men' on mobile phone

In the area of Batapur, Lahore, an 18-year-old son stabbed his mother because she used to ‘talk to men’ on her mobile phone.

According to reports, Hassan Ali stabbed his mother in the stomach and sat next to her dead body for eight hours. The culprit then ransacked his own home, in an attempt to make it seem like burglary and portray the murder of his mother as a resistance to the robbery. During the investigation, the Police arrested Ali over his contradictory and confusing statements.

The neighbor said that Ali came out in the streets and knocked on every house and said that ‘someone’ had killed his mother. Later, he confessed to the murder.

“I stabbed her in the stomach. While trying to save herself, she lifted a knife due to which her throat was slit. Then, again her stomach was stabbed during resistance,” he said. Hassan went on to say that he disposed of the murder weapon in the canal and returned back home. The victim’s husband lives in Saudi Arabia, and Hassan is the only son of the couple.

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