Self-Improvement: See Ramsha’s Inspiring Approach To Fitness

Pakistan is the 9th most obese country in the world. With problems like cardiac-diseases, arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes catching every second individual, it should be our red alert to care about ourselves and kick-start the journey to a healthy lifestyle – for the sake ourselves and our loved ones.

The thoughts were shared with us by an inspiring young lady, who practically applied this to herself.
Meet Ramsha Jawaid – an ordinary girl with an extraordinary approach towards life.

Ramsha says that she always has been a skinny kid, weighing a little over 110 pounds. But a few incidents in life made her too careless about her health. However, she still kept herself as a second priority unless she reached one point that left her confidence distorted.

From being a skinny, confident kid, she gained 40 pounds in only two months in 2012!

The process of sudden weight gain with being physically unhealthy for us was also mentally devastating for her.

‘’From wearing a small to extra-large in clothing, especially as a teenager in high school, is hard’’ – she said while sharing her story with us.

After thinking about it for months and letting it get to her, Ramsha finally decided that feeling miserable won’t help her, but now she needs to take control of her life.

AND SHE DID! She started by redefining her relationship with her body. She realized and changed her mindset that rather than feeling sorry for herself, she needs to accept herself. After accepting herself and rebuilding the bond of ownership with herself, she moved on to the second step – improving it.

She started her journey to fitness and made massive changes in her lifestyle when she weighed about 160 pounds. At the initial point in October 2016, here is how Ramsha looked:

With eating right, following a subtle exercise routine and tons of motivation dragging her along, in only a few months’ time, Ramsha completely transformed herself. In March 2017, she reached her goal of 128 pounds. Getting rid of all the extra kgs, she felt the most confident in her skin and the proudest of herself.

Here is how she looks now:


It is always important to have a healthy relationship with your body and feel most comfortable in your own skin. However, the journey that begins with acceptance should extend beyond it. After embracing ourselves as we are, we need to initiate a journey towards betterment as well. Self-love, with being welcoming towards one’s own body and soul, should also include effort towards refinement.

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