8 Online Shopping Fails that will give you laughter fits

While online shopping is one of the easiest ways to purchase whatever one wants, Pakistanis have always been skeptical about it because of the lingering fear of getting scammed or fraud. Numerous have had a bad experience with shopping on the internet and have often received a parcel that is nowhere near what they ordered.

We have gathered the 10 most hilarious online shopping fails that will are the ‘expectations vs reality’ memes in real life.

The cool yellow aesthetic coat…well, not really

One might compromise on the quality of fabric but what if the design is completely different than what you ordered? Well, it is truly disappointing and disheartening.

This really cool yellow upper turned out to be NOTHING like the one in the picture upon arrival, from the fabric to the color to the style.

The cute teddy that turned out to be ‘not so cute’ on the arrival

The really adorable, fluffy teddy was actually a bear with humongous legs. The real question here is, what to do with such a teddy bear?

Buying rings online? Not WORTH the risk

This mini ring that won’t FIT anyone is an epic example of an online shopping fail and whenever you might want to shop rings online, this picture will always pop into your brain.

The adorable dinosaur pillow turned out to be actually a ‘pillow cover’

This is exactly why these online shopping sites should provide complete details.

That ‘panda pillow’ is not even a pillow

Talk about online shopping fails and this panda pillow will always come into your mind and haunt you.

Look at how adorable this panda pillow looks but what if it is not even a pillow when you get it delivered to your house? utterly disappointing!

The Bridal dress scam

You can NOT go wrong with bridal dresses because that is something no one would want on their big day. Keeping the online shopping fails in view, it is not very smart to order your bridal dress online and we are sure, this lady must’ve regretted it afterwards too.

A chair but.. for your room or your dolls’?

No one might have expected a CHAIR to be of this size. Again, what a disappointment and waste of money.

A custom face printed pillow that is ABSOLUTELY creepy to look at

Yeah, this person sure wanted his face on the pillow but never in his wildest dream would he have known it would turn out to be like this. Bad quality is one thing but this is straight away creepy and scary to look at.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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