IN PICTURES | Sarwat Gillani’s ‘day at the beach’ with her friends!

Sarwat Gillani is a big name in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Being a celebrated actress, Gillani has a prominent social media presence and shares highlights from the special days of her life on her accounts.

The Churails actress is just doing summer right by hitting the beach with her friends. Since the hot season has taken over the best of everyone, many celebrities have been spotted at the beach to beat the heat. Gillani is also among those celebrities who are casually having fun at the beach while making the most of the season.

The actress was spotted at the beach with her family and a bunch of friends including Nomi Ansari, Farieha Altaf, and Deepak Perwani. She also took to Instagram to post some really refreshing adorable clicks from her day.

Here are the pictures:

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