Here is a list of Pakistan’s unbelievably beautiful beaches!

When it comes to gorgeous sceneries, Pakistan is second to none. Many are aware of the breath-taking beauty that one can witness in the Northern areas of the country, but not many know that Pakistan has some beaches which are heavenly.

The country is blessed with spectacular beaches that will convince you that Pakistan hides some alluring sights.

Below is a list of beaches that will make you want to visit them.

Jiwani Beach, Balochistan

Jiwani is located along the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar district of Balochistan. The blue-green waters of the beach have been known for centuries for their magnificence. Jiwani is positioned at the eastern side of Gwadar bay which is surrounded by a mangrove forest and is home to many animals.

This beach is also known to have the most tranquil sunsets of the country.

Nathia Gali beach

About 40 km southwest of Karachi, lies the majestic Nathia Gali beach. Although the beach is very hard to access, visitors say that the struggle is worth it.

Gadani beach, hub

Gadani is a coastal village, which is situated in the Lasbela district in the South of Balochistan alongside the Arabian sea. It is the third-largest ship-breaking yard in the world. The beach will make a perfect picnic spot.

Sonmiani Beach Lasbela

Those who have been to this beach, say that it is the cleanest and well-developed beach near Karachi. It doesn’t have a village or town near it. No pictures can do justice to the beauty that this beach holds. One can not easily access the beach as it is managed by Pakistan Army.

There is no better place to spend your summer holidays than this specific beach,

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