Here are the best mehndi designs to help prepare you for Eid!

With Eid just around the corner, people are already searching for the perfect dress to wear for the day. However, one very essential thing without which eids and weddings are incomplete is mehndi.

Be it shaadi functions or eid days, mehndi is definitely essential. We can’t just do these events right without it and hence, ladies are always in search of the best mehndi designs that they can flaunt and are yet appropriate for the season.

But before diving into the ideas of mehndi designs you can get, one should know certain tips for the selection of the mehndi style to assure that the design they are opting for, will suit them.

Things to consider when selecting a mehndi design:

Your hand shape

Everyone has a different hand shape and this is one reason why the mehndi design that might seem very attractive to you in pictures, might not look good on your own hand. And well, to avoid disappointment, you must be sure about what designs would look stunning on your hands.

If you have broader hands, it is suggested that you go for longer shapes and figures that will elongate your hand. On the other side, if your handshape is thin and long, then designs with squares and geometric shapes are usually recommended.

The occasion

Well, we can always go a little extra but if you want to stay occasion-appropriate, we will suggest you select a design based on the event. Go for something minimalist yet elegant on Eids or if you are a wedding guest. But if it’s your BIG DAY, you should be sure to enjoy the bridal limelight with heavy designs that will make you stand out among all.

Your mehndi artist

Imagine selecting the perfect mehndi design for yourself but it NOT turning out to be the way you expected. Instead of being sad about it later, you should ask your mehndi artist the style they can work with and apply.

Mehndi designs

Below, we have gathered some of the best mehndi designs of all time for you.

Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Eid Mehndi Designs/Wedding Guest Mehndi:

Fingers Henna Designs:

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