Working married women have higher marital adjustment and intelligence levels than married employed men

According to researcher Dr. Saima Kalsoom, working married women have higher intelligence levels, multitasking skills and marital adjustment as compared to married employed men, and housewives.

These findings were done during a Ph.D. defense conducted by the researcher in the National Institute of Psychology (NIP) Center of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam (QAU) University.

The data for the Ph.D. dissertation, titled ‘Multitasking, Gender Role Attitudes, Emotional Intelligence and Marital adjustment of Married Men and Women’, was gathered after 1080 married individuals took part in this research. These participants came from different ethnic backgrounds and were diverse in terms of demographic.

Dr. Kalsoom has also suggested policy guidelines and implications for social scientists to put together an indigenous policy for gender as social capital. It stated that egalitarian gender roles and attitudes interact with emotional intelligence to experience better patterns of marital adjustment by married individuals. Hence, human resource managers can design strategies to work for employees that are facing challenges. Training on multitasking abilities can also prove to be useful.

This will help for adjustment in marital relationships, it can also enhance the societal, individuals and organizational well-being. The research added that to change the traditional patriarchal ideologies in the country, organizational training on gender roles is essential.

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