In Pictures | Work of Kalash artists displayed at Milan Fashion Week for the first time

Pakistan is gradually making its presence felt in the global fashion sphere. The recent Milan Fashion Week is proof of that. Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean’s collection was inspired by beautiful cultural designs from Chitral and Kalash – and they are a treat to look at!

Stella’s latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which stole the show at Milan Fashion Week, incorporated multiple elements of Pakistan’s unique embroidery. Not just this, Pakistani models Mushk Kaleem and Alicia Khan also stole the spotlight at the event, as they opened the show for Jean.

The collection was also featured on Vogue, which indeed is a matter of pride for Pakistan. Jean is on a fashion-mission, where she travels to different parts of the world, discovers little-known artisanal values and displays them on known global fashion stages.

”The handmade embellishments, mixed flowers, and geometric shapes popped up on a flared mini-dress with a voluminous bottom punctuated by eyelet, a kimono-like jacket, a shirt-dress featuring utility pockets and a puffy blouse with a maxi collar. ”

For her latest collection, she visited Pakistan and was absolutely gobsmacked by the Kalash culture and their colorful, unique embroidery. These local artisans made 15,748 inches of embroideries, which were displayed at the fashion week.

Jean lived in the remote valleys of Chitral for two weeks, knowing more about Kalash people, getting inspired by their one-of-its-kind fashion. Embroidery is one of the unique things that represent Kalash people, and like other aspects of their culture, is on the threat of being extinct.

This is the first time the exclusively-styled embroideries were displayed outside Kalash, let alone on such a recognized global fashion platform. Stella’s designs have a unique touch because of her practical activism focused on the recognition of traditional and cultural clothing.

Model Kaleem says that it is a major breakthrough for Pakistani, as the world has got a chance to experience its unique creativity. “None of this would have been possible without Zahir Rahimtoola, who has bent over backward to make this dream become a reality, that will go down in history as one of the most defining moments of our fashion industry!”

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