Pakistani woman wins a case of inheritance against brothers, step-mother 22 years ‘after her death’

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The court has declared a woman, named Munir Sultan, the rightful descendent of her father’s inheritance 22 years after she passed away. Sultan was deprived of her father’s property because her stepmother and brothers claimed that he gave everything to them as a gift when he was alive and left nothing for his daughter.

Munir Sultan filed a case demanding her right according to the ‘Sharia law’ back in 1998. The case was presented in Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench, where a judgment in favor of Sultan was passed. This judgment was later on challenged in the Supreme Court.

Taking into account the mismanagement of the Punjab Revenue Department, which is a revenue-generating department but has failed to provide people with reliable record-keeping, Justice Qazi Faez Isa stated that it had been noticed in many cases how the performance of the department is painfully declining.

The two-judge bench led by Justice Isa upheld the verified LHC order and observed how the Punjab Revenue Department’s current state of affairs is ‘unsatisfactory.’

In the on-hand case, an inheritance matter of an individual who died about 22 years ago had come to the fourth court, all because of the non-vigilant and careless staff of the revenue.

Justice Esa further added that an increase in tension and violence results from procrastinated litigation and questionable revenue records. Moreover, the ‘Auqaf and Religious Affairs Department’ did not succeed in protecting the rights of the orphans; meanwhile, The Human Rights and minorities affair has also failed in safeguarding the rights of women at risk.

A report told that Punjab’s annual budget statement for the years 2020-21 reserved an amount of Rs. 1,737 million purely for the Revenue Department.

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