‘The woman in the viral video is NOT Fatima Sohail’, FIA confirms

Private photos and videos of showbiz personalities, in particular, have dominated Pakistan’s social media sphere recently. From Twitter trends to our cellphones, they spread everywhere like wildfire. While it sparks privacy concerns, in our excitement, we often ignore another significant aspect: authenticity.

A few years ago, film actress Meera became the topic of discussion on social media. Then a few months ago, singer Rabi Pirzada’s explicit videos went viral. Now, Fatima Sohail is the most recent victim of the rage.

It must be mentioned that TV star Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-wife previously accused him of physical violence and cheating, which lead to him being a center of national outrage. After parting ways with him, Fatima moved to Karachi with her son and joined a private TV channel as an anchorperson.

However, one significant aspect of the viral video (being share under her name) is that the woman in it is not even Fatima Sohail – and FIA’s forensic testing has confirmed it.


Fatima Sohail’s sister, Ayesha Sohail, immediately reached out to FIA with the complaint that the explicit video of Fatima’s look-alike is an attempt to malign her image. Sarfraz Chaudhry, Deputy Director of the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber ​​Crime Wing also revealed through the forensic test that the video is not Fatima’s.

FIA conducted this test by analyzing the woman’s facial impressions, her nose, eyes and the distance between her eyebrows. FIA has also written to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in this regard, and the video will be removed from all social media platforms soon. Mohsin Abbas Haider, however, has refrained from commenting on the matter.

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  • Jeh Jeh says:

    Why would anyone viral someone s personal video like that? Some people are just pathetic!!

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