[WATCH] 10 times Alizeh Shah wowed everyone on the internet

Alizeh Shah is an actress from Karachi, Pakistan. She started her acting career with “Daidal” in 2017 and has been in several shows since then. At only 19 years old, the actress has already garnered a huge fan following.

Alizeh was one of the top Google searches in Pakistan in 2019 – That’s a LOT of searches.

As talented as she is at acting, she just so happens to be a great model too!

Here’s our favourite photos and videos of Alizeh Shah!

Is there anyone on the internet that doesn’t remember this iconic photoshoot?

She was literally the queen of TikTok before self-isolation made it cool. Is there anyone who didn’t save these videos on Instagram?

I’m sorry but HOW is it possible to look so effortless in sub-zero temperatures with snow blasting right at you?

The sun just hits this girl differently

This isn’t even a Sunsilk Ad. Put this hair flip down in history

Even her dupatta poses like it knows what it’s doing

This one just speaks for itself

She literally slays this look

And finally, she shows that she can harness the worlds’ “cute energy” and concentrate it into one post

Alizeh Shah is an example of how you don’t have to be “old enough” to be taken seriously in any industry. If you are talented and work hard, you can get success even if you start your career at 18!

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