Abottabad: Villagers shave Qari’s head, humiliate him for sexually harassing students

A Qari (Quran teacher) was made a sign of humiliation for sexually harassing minor girls continuously for seven months. Qari Sajid was teaching Quran to students in a village named Patan Kallan, situated right night to the city of Abottabad.

28 years old Sajid was sexually molesting his students for months before he was exposed. When the villagers came to know, they took the matter in their own hands and made an example out of him.

After his heinous crimes were revealed, residents of Mohalla Barwala shaved his head, painted his face black, paraded him through the village and threw him out!

While some people have lauded the move, others have deemed the act ‘inappropriate’ because the villagers took matters in their own hands.

Imam-E-Masjid Held For Raping Minor Boy

In Punjab’s Rawalpindi, Imam of a mosque has been arrested for rape of a 12-year-old boy.

As per SP Saddar Mazhar Iqbal, the young boy Jawad Zareef used to come to Dhamial Camp’s masjid to attain religious knowledge from Molvi Liaquat, the culprit.

Jawad had complained to his parents many times of his teacher’s wrongdoings but they didn’t believe him. To them, it wasn’t possible that a religious cleric could do something like this.

The SP further told that Molvi Liaquat, along with a few of his supporters, protested against this but the Police continued their investigation, and as a result of this, the Imam-e-masjid was found guilty of the unlawful deed.

Mazhar also stated that a report has been submitted in Police Station Saddar Beroni against Molvi Liaquat, and a DNA test will also be conducted.

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