Picture of female students of UoP being forced to attend seminar while facing a blank screen goes viral

Just when the images from National Games 2019 Peshawar went viral across social media, giving us hope that things are changing, another photo has raised questions. According to posts floating on social media, the University of Peshawar (UoP) arranged a seminar of cricketer-turned-Islamist evangelist Saeed Anwar on “how to eliminate stress from your life”. However, women were barred from seeing the stage and the speaker using a blank screen.

South Asia Media Research Institute (SAMRA) posted the photo on Twitter.

”Cricketer turned Islamist evangelist Saeed Anwar gave a talk on “how to eliminate stress from your life” at the University of Peshawar. Women were made to sit facing a blank screen, unable to see the stage”.

he image garnered a lot of criticism from the social media users, who said that seeing it happening even in 2019 is quite an unpleasant sight.

Political instability, disproportionate influence on governance by the security forces, suppression of media and civil society leading to the violent insurgency, and the ever-escalating ethnic and religious tensions have truly poisoned Pakistan’s social landscape. All these factors have contributed to widening the gender gap in Pakistan, leading to increased polarization and frustration.

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