The Daughter of an Imam is one of the Fastest Female Athletes in Pakistan!

Sahib-e-Asra is a female sprinter from Sialkot. Born to Imam Qari Ali Khan, she’s defied all odds and stands (or should I say runs) as one of Pakistan’s fastest women today.

She can sprint 100m in a matter of seconds. SECONDS.

Asra began running when she was still in school. She has participated in many local, regional and provincial competitions by the time she decided she was going to take up the sport professionally.

Pakistan lags behind decades of the rest of the world in sports in general.

It’s hard to make it as an athlete considering there aren’t many coaching facilities, those that are available are in very expensive sports clubs and it’s very hard to juggle full-time school with participating in sports too.

These are struggles that athletes, in general, have to face. Add on top of that being a female athlete in a country where women are told they belong in a “chaar deewari” is even worse.

Her father being an Imam was told by his acquaintances time and time again that he shouldn’t be supporting her career as an athlete. At every turn, he’d meet someone or the other trying to convince him to make her stop

But he never let anyone get in his head. He always kept on supporting his daughter

I am as proud of my daughter, as I am of my son.

Imam Qari Ali Khan

Supportive parents make for children that can flourish in whatever they’re trying to do. Seeing a father like this, who’s defying the usual narrative of a “strict Imam” and holding his daughter’s hand as she runs through this journey is commendable.

We can’t wait to see Sahib-e-Asra take on the world and continue to make Pakistan proud.

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