VIDEO | Professional squash player Zahab Kamal Khan sets world record by donating 5’11” long hair

Pakistan’s professional squash player, Zahab Kamal Khan has made a Guinness World Record by donating the most hair to a charity. Khan got her last haircut when she was just 13 years old, and 17 years later, she donated her Rapunzel-like hair to a charity.

After the cut, she made the announcement on Instagram and posted a photo of herself holding the hair in her hand. The charity she donated to is ‘Children With Hairloss’. She also revealed that it was her father’s idea.

The charity makes wigs for children who need them. Zahab was visibly proud of her achievement and thanked her sponsors and donors for helping her achieve this amazing milestone.

The player’s journey till this donation also caught the attention of international media, like the Washington Post. Her grandmother was the one who helped Zahab keep her hair healthy and shiny, through her special hair oil.

She teaches squash at the McLean Racquet & Health Club in Virginia, USA. Zahab moved to the United States from Karachi in 2018. Before this, she made a world record for using the most hair clips on her head. The athlete used 1,100 hair clips to set the world record.

Watch the video here:

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