Smaha Jahangir becomes Pakistan’s first female photographer to be featured in National Geographic

ذرا نم ہو تو يہ مٹی بہت زرخيز ہے ساقی

Making Pakistan proud, another daughter of the country has made her motherland’s presence felt on the global stage. Faisalabad’s Smaha Jahangir becomes Pakistan’s first female photographer to be featured on the National Geographic magazine’s July 2019 issue.

The picture that caught Nat Geo’s attention is basically a stunning silhouette of a couple standing on the observatory deck of famed Burj Khalifa’s 125th floor in Dubai. The chosen photo was taken last year.

Smaha shared her sentiments, saying she feels privileged to be the first female photographer and the second photographer overall from Pakistan to be featured in National Geographic.

“Today, I am so happy to tell you all that I am Pakistan’s first woman and overall second photographer to get published in National Geographic magazine,” she said.


Speaking to a local news channel about her feat, Smaha said that at first, she thought that the email she received as a span. Upon investigating, she found out that it is legitimate and could not believe that it was happening for real!

Here are some of Smaha’s stunning shots:

Sharing about her passion for photography, she said that she learned on the way. It was a path having trials and errors. She initially started taking photos from her cellphone’s camera.

“I started taking pictures with my phone camera first. I used to click pictures of my friends and random objects” 

Samaa TV

Upon finding that it is where her heart lies, she bought a camera and then invested in a lens. Since Pakistan and society pay very little attention towards the field and there are no proper training institutions, YouTube has been her major companion throughout.

An optometrist by profession, Smaha says that managing her hobby with a career is a major sport hence she clicks photos in her free time mostly. She is of the opinion that pursuing your passion is significant, as it brings colors to one’s life.

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