Sindh traffic warden’s daughter becomes PAF’s first female GD pilot

Daughter of a traffic warden, Nashrah Shakir, becomes the first-ever female General Duty (GD) Pilot in Pakistan Air Force, smashing all the barriers and economic obstacles in her way.

Daughter of Shakir Ahmed Malik was promoted to the position after receiving a commission as a ‘Flying Pilot.’ Nashrah was a student of the Meritorious Defence Chapter tuition center. They took to Facebook to congratulate the GD pilot over her significant achievement.

GD Pilot’s position is considered very prestigious in PAF, and not every applicant can qualify for it. Nashrah has her name recorded now as the first woman to be raised to GD Pilot’s position in PAF.

This is indeed a proud moment for her family and a huge motivation for Pakistani women who want to achieve high but are scared of the obstacles in their way. Daughter of the Sindh’s traffic warden broke all stereotypes despite the difficulty of her journey and the hurdles on her way.

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