Shattering Stereotypes At The Pitch: Meet Pakistan’s First Female Umpire

In a country where women are even struggling for basic human rights, female representation in the sports’ sphere feels like a dream ‘too good to be true’. But not necessarily! Not always will the women of my soil be shackled in the chains of patriarchy.

We shall break them, together. And with women like Humaira Farah to look up to, there is nothing that can hold Pakistani women back.

“Humaira Farah is a shining example of that, Humaira holds the distinction of Pakistan’s first-ever female umpire and has so far officiated in more than 170 matches at different levels”.


Being Pakistan’s first-ever female umpire, Humaira makes it evident that if you have dedication and determination, no dream is big enough to be unachievable. According to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sources, Humaira has officiated in more than 170 matches at different levels, competing with her male counterparts.

“I feel honored that I have inspired other umpires”

Courtesy: PCB Official

Speaking to the official PCB website, Humaira expressed her dedication towards her field and said that she is certain that if more women play their part in the sports, the quality will improve.

“I feel honored that I have inspired other umpires. Initially, women were reluctant and unsure about umpiring opportunities. Through the efforts of the PCB, women cricket has become popular across the country and there are more opportunities in the field than before,” Humaira said.

Gradually we will see more women entering the fray and that will only help in increasing the standard further.

Just like the majority of Pakistani women, Humaira is the only one to pursue a career in sports in her family. At the time she stepped in the unconventional field, women were either restricted within the four walls of the home of doors of class.

Humaira thanked her family for standing by her side in this challenging decision – a privilege that most women lack in our country. She also showed her gratitude towards PCB’s efforts for the inclusion of women in national sports.

Her dedication fearlessly paved the way for her passion. It can do that for you too!

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