Sakina Abbas is now Pakistan’s first-ever female Google Developers Expert for Flutter

25-year-old Sakina Abbas has broken stereotypes and is now Pakistan’s first female Google Developers Expert (GDE) for Flutter – a toolkit used to create applications. Hailing from Karachi, Abbas studied computer science at a private university.

There were many factors that contributed to her decision of pursuing a career in programming. She said that growing up, she would play video games with her brother. This made her really passionate about games, which later flourished into a passion for development.


Sakina started off as an Android developer and created many applications. She fell in love with the profession and realized that it is the right fit for her because she enjoyed the entire process. However, her actual career started when she and her classmate, Abdullah, co-founded a software house named ‘ReacTree’.

By the time Sakina had started her company, Flutter gained a lot of popularity, and it was then that she transferred to Flutter development.

“I don’t see things as hurdles. They’re more like stepping stones”, she said.

Encouraging others

Abbas aims to encourage women to pursue IT domains that they are passionate about. She wants women to go after Flutter development since it is a trending cross-platform application development technology.

She said that women are equally capable as men, and can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Abbas advised young women to ‘just dive in’, if working with technology is something they find joy in.

“It will be difficult in the start. But, I promise you will have a community to support you in your journey”, she added.

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