Rehmat Ajmal or “Ayesha” from ‘Merey Paas Tum ho’ distances herself from Khalil ur Rehman’s Drama

Rehmat Ajmal- right.

Ever since the ‘merey pass tum ho’ drama series started, it’s been making headlines for one reason or the other.

Whenever a new episode comes out, there’s an outrage of angry people condemning either the content or the script depicted in the episodes.

Khalil ur Rehman

Things got worse after the writer Khalil Ur Rehman’s interview surfaced where he said that to achieve equality women should go out and gang rape men.

Many felt that someone with such problematic views shouldn’t be allowed to put his twisted way of thinking into a script and present a show to our masses.

Rehmat Ajmal, an emerging actress and model – who can be seen starring in the drama itself, had a few things on her mind that she wanted to clear out.

In a recent Instagram post she explained that she did not know the full storyline of the series, nor was she aware of Khalil ur Rehman’s problematic views when she first filmed the show a year ago.

“I absolutely DO NOT endorse the concepts and viewpoints of Mr.Khalil Ul Rehman”

She added that this was her first TV project and that she was still in the process of learning how to be more cautious and conscious of her creative choices.

This is big.

To separate yourself from the first acting gig you’ve ever had is a big deal. Especially considering that the show hasn’t aired its final episode yet. In an industry where we barely ever hear someone take responsibility for anything negative they’ve been a part of, Rehmat Ajmal’s statement comes as a breath of fresh air.

It also cautions other artists how important it is for them to know the full storyline of what they may be working on, even if their role is brief and to fully understand before signing a contract who they’re working for too.

We wonder if the female showrunners Ayeza Khan and Hira Mani share similar views and if we’d ever hear them take a stand like this too.

Hira Mani- left, Ayeza khan – right.

Moreover, as the weeks of the drama progressed, the writer’s comments got worse.

At the series wrap-up event he was heard saying-

“Aurat fitratan bewafa nai hoti, aur jo bewafa hoti hai woh fitratan Aurat nai hoti”

Which translates to “Woman aren’t inherently disloyal, and those who are disloyal aren’t real women”

I’d like to ask, what are they then? Inherently men?

  • mehrin says:

    jo aurat shohar kay sath loyal nai hai us ka anjam bura hota hai aur hona chahiyee

  • Shumaila says:

    Yes tel me what about men ?

  • Ambreen says:

    Aurat fitraten bewafa ni hoti aur jo bewafa ho wo fitraten aurat nai hoti… being a women I agree with this statement. N society mai jahan mard galat hai utna e aurat b galat hai jo haqoq k naam pe galat rah lai rai hai bitter but true

  • Kiran says:

    Actullay in our society we have set a frame for a woman , and the frame is of morality , loyality and compromise.A woman can be Greedy , as shown in the MPTH and she has not taken care of her son where is gone jet Mamta…

  • SiddraZafar says:

    This is Art!!! This same person has written, Mae Marr gae shoukat Ali, and his dialouges are great. I am a writer too and I know characters amaze us and are not in our control. Believe me! We writers dont control our story most of the part. And let’s don’t dig his old interview or something he has said in the heat of momment because every famous person sometimes have said something wrong. And don’t qoute his lines from interview show the whole conversations. I am seeing shows with 3 vs 1. Agree! You know it will be difficult to tackle him alone. News channels are plain jealous and igniting this fire even more.

  • Tabasum says:

    I think this is just a drama for those girls who are not loyal in their marriage life , and this drama is just the anjam for those girls jin ko har fair
    halat main apny husband k sath nibhana chahiye .
    so girls kindly do not mix it with other side , ab is trha hoga tou har drama k side effects hoty hain ma’ashry par ,tou kiya aj tak humny ksi drama ko itna feminism k sath compare kiya ..? Then why only this drama .. so plz drama k phenomena and feminism jesi beemari ko sath milana bht bari bewaqoifana harqat hai . . #supporting_khalil-ur-Rehman …

  • Aymen says:

    I also agree with the statement….. A woman is naturally loyal than a man.

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