Pakistani girl wins the 29th ‘World Memory Championships global finals’ among more than 300 competitors

Emma Alam becomes the girl from Pakistan to win the 29th ‘World Memory Championship’s Global Final’.

She competed in a 3-day competition with over 10 disciplines. The competition included participants from Iraq, Qatar, Taiwan, Libya, Algeria, India, South Korea, Vietnam, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Macau, Hong Kong, United States, and Malaysia.

The Pakistani team included Syeda Kisa Zehra and Emma Aslam, who broke numerous world records in this year’s competition.

Raymond Keene, the global president of the World Memory Sports Council, said that the 29th World Memory Championship champion, who emerged from Pakistan, had been ‘excellently’ trained by Sania Alam. He further added that Emma Aslam is ‘a great sporting achiever of Pakistan, a unique heroine in pandemic stricken 2020, and the supreme grand world memory champion for 2020.’

Another member from the Pakistani team, named Abeerah Ather, stood in 7th position in the global rankings.

Emma, Abeerah, and other team members have been trained under the ‘Institute of Human Memory Development International (IHMD).’

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