BREAKING STEREOTYPES: Pakistan Railway welcomes its first-ever female Station Manager!

Pakistan railway has appointed Syed Marzia Al Zahra as its first-ever woman ‘station manager’ in Lahore.

Zahra has been appointed as a replacement to Younis Bhatti. She is now the assistant transport officer as well as the additional duty of the station manager of the city. Although Zahra’s appointment is exemplary for the women, Muhammad Irfan who is the Union Central Chairman has expressed his ‘worries’ about it and many are protesting against the appointment of a CSP officer for the specific post.

Breaking Stereotypes!

Despite the opposition, Marzia has proved that women are able to do anything and everything. They are making strides in professions that are ‘male-centric’. Previously, General Nigar Johar was promoted to lieutenant general and has the honor of the ‘first female surgeon’ for the Pakistan Army. Moreover, Sheeba Shah became the first ‘Inspector General’ of the country.

These women are definitely breaking stereotypes and proving through their capabilities that they are second to none.

Watch a video on Pakistan’s first female cattle seller here:

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