[VIDEO] Story of Nazo Dharejo – The brave Sindhi woman who won a gun battle!

Nazo Dharejo, an inspiration for many, has been fighting illegal encroachments, water blockages and robbers over her land since decades. Nazo fought a battle against about hundreds of dacoits to protect her family heritage. She led an armed defence against them and bravely fought the army firing her Kalashnikov.

Nazo Dharejo is one of the strongest women of Pakistan and her story in motivation for many, as she always had an urge to acquire education. Her father, Haji Khuda Baksh, was well-aware of her willingness to study and always encouraged her. Not only did he promote her on the way of education, but he also taught her how to use guns.

Nazo is married to Zulfiqar Dharejo, who had been with her when she fought against the dacoits. She was into politics and is a part of the political world as Mukhtiar Nazo Dharejo.

Sarsabz Kahani has recently made a short-film on the courageous woman.

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