Multan becomes the first region in Pakistan to set up centers to check violence against women

In a very positive and welcoming move, Multan becomes the first region in Pakistan to set up centers to check violence against women. Regional Police Officer Multan Waseem Ahmed Khan said that there not only is a national need for such centers for protection of women but, also, it is our religious obligation.

 “Violence and oppressive elements against women deserve no exception,”

Regional Police Officer Multan Waseem Ahmed Khan

Waseem said that the Punjab government and the IG Police are determined to protect women against gender-based and domestic violence. These centers have been set up in every district to protect women’s rights. Not just this, Multan Region Police is also the first in the country to set up Centres Against Gender-Based Violence Against Women in the province, where women police personnel have been deployed.

RPO Wasim Ahmed Khan said that the purpose is to provide a solution to the issues women are facing. They will be protected against violence and the culprits will be held accountable through transparent investigation. To give women more confidence to report against such offenses, the team attending their cases will also consist of women officials.

When a woman will call to report, a mobile team consisting of women police officers will immediately visit her on the spot, providing her necessary needed protection. RPO added that during the last one month, over 100 oppressed women facing different forms of violence have been rescued in all four districts.

He further informed that a women’s police station has been set up in Multan as well where a DSP-rank officer will be in charge. Women will be attended, provided relief and protected against the growing gender-based violence in these centers free of charge. From instances of domestic violence to marital disputes, women will be taken care of!

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