MPA Hina Butt talks about her ‘crushing’ divorce and the struggles of being a single mom

MPA Hina Butt talks about her 'crushing' divorce and the struggles of being a single mom

Member of Punjab Assembly (MPA), Hina Butt, has recently shared what it is like to be a single mother and how she became a politician.

Butt shared her story in a video she posted on Instagram. She narrated her journey and the obstacles she had to face to reach the point she is at currently.

She said, ‘Every vital voice is once an ordinary voice to start with. My voice was no different. Like many women, I fantasized about living a happily ever after fairytale based on an ideal marriage. But this was not to be.’

MPA Hina Butt talks about her divorce

‘I ended up being a single mother in a culture that considers divorce a taboo and fails to provide support to someone who goes through it,’ she further said in the video. She realized how hard going through a divorce was and how it felt like her world had ended, ‘I saw my world fall down like a house of cards.’

MPA Hina Butt talks about her 'crushing' divorce and the struggles of being a single mom

Despite being heartbroken, Hina knew this wasn’t it and she didn’t give up. ‘With great despair comes great strength. I felt an energy in me, and I knew I needed to channel it into something productive,’ she said.

Pervaiz then opened up about how she started working on herself again. She completed her studies and got a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, she started her own fashion business. ‘At no point in my life had I thought that I would be a working woman, but here I was running a brand that gained prominence in a very little time,’ she added.

She then entered into the world of politics and she had never, in her wildest imagination, thought she would be in this field.

‘A place where my voice can actually make a difference. I got elected as a member of our provincial assembly and contributed to legislation for women’s empowerment and protection,’ the MPA said.

Talking specifically about her journey in politics, she said, ‘Getting here was tough. Being in politics added to my credentials, but now I am on the receiving end of patriarchal hate not only from opposing parties but sadly, sometimes from my own people.’

The politician gives a message of turning pain into power, like her.

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