Not even safe after death? Men in Karachi dig up grave, gang-rape dead woman

In another bone-chilling incident that has shaken Pakistan’s collective conscience, unidentified men dig up a grave, gang-rape dead woman in Karachi’s Landhi Town area. According to the media reports, the family, when learned about the incident, refused to proceed with any legal inquiry and declined to file a case against the heinous act.

After the news made waves in the area, the residents along with a large number of the victim’s relatives gathered in the Ismail Goth Graveyard. They were informed that a few men – a number most certainly more than one but still unsure – dug up the grave and sexually assaulted the body, which was buried one day earlier.

The family further doubts the caretaker, who was responsible for the maintenance of the graveyard, is involved in the incident. The caretaker claimed that a dog had removed the slab from the freshly made grave, but they believe that it is not possible and it is clearly a human activity.

After the incident, the gravedigger also allegedly fled away. Police collected evidence from the site, confirming that the digger was nowhere to be found. Police is searching to arrest him and thoroughly investigate the incident.

The relatives said they are not willing to pursue the case legally, but also urged and appealed that such an incident must be avoided in the future at all costs.

Necrophilia, a sexual attraction towards dead corpses, came to limelight in Pakistan a few years back when the caretaker of a Paposh Nagar graveyard was found guilty of raping freshly buried women.

“We are speechless. This sort of case is a first for us.” 

Police officer said.

The culprit confessed to his crimes, saying he had so far raped 48 women like this. Necrophiles are under severe mental stress and are very hateful towards women generally in life. They achieve sexual satisfaction by having intercourse with dead corpses.

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  • Warda Tauseef says:

    Dreadful and shamfull act. ALLAH WILL PUNISH THEM

  • RAZA says:

    kuch bhi likhny ko chaiy bus when every one knows k ye sab jado wgaira k liy kia jata hy

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