Meet Samar Khan, Pakistan’s first female cyclist to reach the base camp of K2 mountain

In an exciting new development, Pakistan’s very own Samar Khan is now the first and only female cyclist to reach the world second-highest mountain’s base camp.

Taking to her social media, the star confirmed that she has finished the long and tough journey to reach the K2’s base camp.

She penned down that she has reached her goal after many hurdles and difficulties. She had to encounter long nights of ‘chasing oxygen’ and prayers. She added that there were many injuries and she was shivering with cold on the way but she has finally accomplished what she was there to do.

This news is definitely a moment of pride for the entire country. It shows that when given the chance and opportunity, women of the country can do whatever it is that they set their minds to.

Before this, the award-winning cyclist became the first woman to ride her cycle on the Biafo Glacier. The glacier is located in Karakoram Mountains in GB and is 4,500 meters in height.

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