Meet Rukhsana Shoaib, the superwoman who does three different jobs for her son’s future

Rukhsana Shoaib is breaking stereotypes by working as a Careem driver in Karachi for 2 years now. Shoaib is a huge inspiration for many women as she works tirelessly day and night to make her son’s future bright.

A well-reputed media outlet has revealed that Rukhsana is a single mother who is a physiotherapist by profession. After she is done scheduling her patients and attending them, Shoaib drivers her car for Careem. Not only this, but her day ends with preparing dishes for her food business. She is a physiotherapist, a Careem captain, and a chef.

Rukhsana works hard day and night and the main motivational force behind it is her son. She does all the work to afford her son’s educational expenses as she has really high ambitions for him.

Rukhsana Shoaib is an example of how headstrong women can do everything. She makes sure that the obstacles in her way do not stop her from achieving her dreams.

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