Meet Gilgit Baltistan’s first Female SP – Tahira Yasub

Tahira Yasub graduated from the Karakoram International University. She has a degree in International Relations. She’s represented Pakistan in UN-peacekeeping missions twice already!

She has trained in Pakistan’s police and the UN Police in Sudan.

6 years ago she became the first woman in Gilgit-Baltisan to become a Traffic Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP).

She’s set forth with another “first” by becoming the first woman to become the Senior Superintendent (SP) in GB!

She’s responsible for the flow of traffic in Gilgit. This is a complex task as the area is a tourist attraction. In the summer months, it’s almost impossible to leave it to the people to manoeuver through the roads themselves – in the past these roads have been prone to too many accidents, leaving many too scared to even think of visiting. They’d have to choose between risking their lives or being able to visit the area.

She’s working day and night to make sure the roads of Gilgit are safe for everyone, and she’s doing an amazing job at it.

She’s always been an advocate for Female Police Officers in Pakistan. She says that “There’s a dire need to allow and encourage women to operate anywhere and they should remain in the beat like their male counterparts”

She believes that it’s essential that female officers are appointed everywhere, not just kept for “female related crimes” as this wastes their potential.

Female officers should be trained the same way and should be provided the same opportunities as the male officers do – this will ensure that our police force works at its full capacity.

SP Tahira is a living example of women being able to play an integral part in all fields of the world. They just need the opportunities to be present in the same race as the men.

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